ECPA Summit 2023

Welcome, ECPA Leadership Summit attenders. The Gracism Global team is pleased to serve you and your ministry as you build bridges across the deepest divides of color, class, and culture. We want to extend a few unique offers to you, so take a look around to find a resource option that works best for you.

Organizational Consulting

Our team has helped churches, non-profits, and fortune 500 companies find organizational solutions to multicultural challenges.  If you have 
  • Our Diversity Design Roadmap will help you build a two-year strategic plan to grow your multicultural impact and flourishing community. 
  • We convene transformative conversations that help to build the capacity to handle multicultural tension as well as respond to sharp racial conflict.
  • Our approach starts with listening. Your community has the knowledge and insight needed to design the pathway forward.

Share the word about Gracism (revised and expanded)

We can’t ignore color, class, or culture. Instead, we must engage matters of race with a different posture and embrace radical inclusion of the marginalized.

Dr. David Anderson, with David Heiliger, revives the biblical model for showing special grace to others on the basis of ethnicity, class, or social distinction – one of gracism. Responding to the ongoing problems of prejudice and injustice, the original seven sayings of the gracist now become eight with a new chapter alongside revised material throughout.

Take this opportunity to extend God’s grace to people of all backgrounds in this edition of Gracism.


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