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[‘gra,sizem] - Verb

Extending positive favor to other people regardless of, and sometimes because of, their color, class, or culture.

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If you are searching for a way to change the painful reality of racism in your world, this book is a must-read. The principles found in Gracism: the Art of Inclusion have inspired individuals and communities around the globe to build bridges across the deepest divides of color, class, and culture.

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The Gracism Global team offers premier training for organizations and individuals who are looking to engage deeper in this work. We have resources as well as coaching, consulting, and keynote services to equip you and those you lead to building more just and trust-filled relationships.

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    The 5 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Before Starting a New Diversity Initiative

    Discover what to ask before starting a new diversity initiative

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    The Gracenomics Podcast

    The Gracenomics Podcast explores how the power of generosity can change your world.


  • V.M.
    VP & COO, Exelon Corp, BGE, Diversity Council Chair
  • Toby Beal
    Director of Web Development | World Vision
  • Neal W. Bonner
    Vice President | Nielsen
  • Words cannot explain how we feel about your contributions to the 2016 Exelon-Baltimore Diversity & Inclusion Week. Diversity is the “art of thinking independently together” – that is exactly what happened on November 17. You shared your amazing principles on building bridges in the workplace across a cultural and racial divide. Your presentation will truly help our employees treat each other with respect, love and kindness.

    The buzz is there was a special energy and aura surrounding your headline presentation (we both know what it was, smile). No exaggeration, you’ve given the company a clear model of how to love, laugh and be kind to our fellow brother and sister -- even in the workplace. Thanks for proving that our mosaic of employees have something in common – each of us wants to work in an environment where we can fully contribute-- your divine tips and obvious love for mankind will help us with this effort.

  • Thank you for your powerful and encouraging message of reconciliation, it was life changing.

    Never in my past would I have described myself as being a champion of “diversity.” Perhaps that’s because as a white male I didn’t feel that I had a voice in such topics. But you quickly changed that.

    You and your staff created an inclusive environment that was safe for me to participate, and the teachings introduced in the “Gracism" workshop helped me to understand for the very first time why inclusion and reconciliation should matter to me. Thank you for putting me on this new path.

  • That was probably the best hour I have experienced in a long time. We are so fortunate to have leaders like Dr. Anderson speak with us. His messages will stick with us for a long time.

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